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[Resolved] Change image-elements

TheOutlaw - 5-6-2022 at 06:56 PM

URL zum Board: http://anemoia.epizy.com
XMB Version: 1.9.12

So I have a working theme and I want to change some single images like "arrow_dw", "folder" and whatever.
My idea was to replace the old images in the theme-folder with the new images. But it doesn't work, the theme stays the same.
I also tried to delete the theme and to upload it with the right images directly, but it doesn't make any difference.

I'd appreciate some advice. :)

lottos - 5-8-2022 at 02:47 AM


View source file of the webpage where the image isn't changed as expected

Find the image name and location in that source file

Go to the file explorer on the webhost

Navigate to the relevant folder and find the file

Change the file name, eg: image.png to image-original.png

Upload new image to the folder named as image.png


TheOutlaw - 5-9-2022 at 09:15 AM

Many thanks!
Whatever I did there, it was enough to view the source file and to click on one filename of the images.
Reloading the website was enough then to see the changes.