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[New] German, Spanish letters no more published

Investor - 9-22-2018 at 12:57 PM

Full Board URL: http://board.nr1a.com
XMB Version: 1.0

Good morning, dear friends of XMB!
Since 6. Sep. 2018 are German and Spanish letters in my forum no more published. XMB Version 1.0
In January 2017 I have installed the German and Spanish language.php and until 6. Sep. 2018 were the letters correct published.
If I will set the language on German or Spanish, the forum will show me correctly the forum in German or Spanish.
:( But if I try to publish a comment with German or Spanish letters , it is not allowed. I will get there the error:
:exclamation: ""You have not entered a subject and message. Please go back and do so."" :exclamation:
What could happen on the 6. Sep. 2018 with my forum? http://board.nr1a.com
:info: How will I get the letters again?
Thanks for your help!

lottos - 9-22-2018 at 01:02 PM

XMB Version 1.0?

What could happen on the 6. Sep. 2018 with your webhost is the real question as this site doesn't push updates out.
At a guess, I think it's possible your webhost upgraded php but you would need to ask them and which version.