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[New] registration bugs

mrdj1024 - 5-5-2024 at 05:22 PM

Full Board URL: https://sims-forever.pagehive.net/community/
XMB Version: 1.9.12

using php 8.2 and mysql 8.0
after registering an account,it shows a blank white page with nothing on it,user don't get registered.
also google recaptcha v2(im not a robot) does not work either on registration form,says cannot validate even though correct site and secret keys are entered properly,issue with registering occurs without recaptcha enabled aswell.

lottos - 5-6-2024 at 01:22 AM


Alter config.php lines to

//define('DEBUG', FALSE);
define('DEBUG', TRUE);

then post up any errors that may be in the error_log file so people can see any issues.

flushedpancake - 5-12-2024 at 10:43 AM

Hey, what happened to your website?