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XMB Patch #6

miqrogroove - 4-13-2024 at 02:00 AM

XMB1 -

Official 1.9.12 patch build #6 released to improve compatibility with PHP 8.1.

- 0000153: Input Sanitization for Installer
- 0000502: Installer's Configure Button Easily Confused with Next Step
- 0000681: Installer Version Number is Stale and Doesn't Match header.php
- 0000684: English lang issues
- 0000685: Installer Throws MySQL Exception in PHP 8.1+
- 0000686: Drop Support for Obsolete DB Driver from Installer
- 0000688: When a person with a non-default rank posts, every poster after them with a default rank on the same page displays it, too
- 0000689: Installer "Forum Settings" Broken or Useless
- 0000690: Super Admin Account is Invisible After Install Until Editing Own Profile
- 0000691: Deprecated use of null in dump_query()
- 0000692: Upgrade instructions clarity
- 0000696: Lingering guest appears in misc.php?action=online after logging in
- 0000701: When all post based ranks are removed viewthread.php generates Warnings
- 0000703: Some Params Passed by Reference Unnecessary
- 0000705: updateforumcount() Queries Threads Without Expecting an Empty Forum

Bug Source: Breaking changes in sever software. Previous versions of XMB.

Symptoms: XMB fails to install on PHP versions 8.1 or greater.

Security Impact: An undisclosed issue that does not impact previously installed forums.

Fixed By: XMB- and later are not affected.

Patch: Attachment: XMB- (54kB)
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