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XMB 2?

vanderaj - 9-18-2022 at 11:22 AM

Hi folks,

Long time no chat. I finally had to make my forum PHP 8.x compatible, and it seems that you solved many of the same issues I had to solve.

I was thinking about porting / re-writing in Laravel, or even going the whole hog and making it a Vue or Angular app with a Go back end.

The tabular nature of the forum needs to be changed to CSS components, so I'm leaning towards a complete re-write. However, this is way too much for me right now.

Any thoughts on where you wanted to take XMB 2?

lottos - 9-19-2022 at 03:54 AM

Not quite what you were after, but an xmb forum (bigfishgaming, now offline) made mods to mainly templates to have their forum utilise bootstrap, which really made it mobile friendly and gave it a whole new look.

See https://web.archive.org/web/20211220000703/https://bigfish-g...

u2u /dm/pm me if you would like some more info.

vanderaj - 9-19-2022 at 12:53 PM

It's not really about the look-n-feel, it's about the fact that the code is an awful mess and fairly unstructured and different from file to file. It barely hangs on during each and every major PHP release. I think it's time for a re-write. However, if there's limited time availability amongst say four or five of us, then it's not realistic to even contemplate. I wonder if working together with prior forks of XMB and forums with a similar nature to XMB, we might get enough devs together to make it possible. e.g. MyBB, OpenBB, FluxBB, punBB, phpBB, John's UltimaBB (which is where GaiaBB came from after John and I fell out due to my depression and lack of time).

I think if the back end was modular enough to cope with multiple needs, and the front end modular enough to allow differences, it might be possible to get more developers on board. Just thinking about how long it took the phpBB 3.x folks to get that out the door during a time when they had a lot more devs than we ever did gives me pause for concern.

To be clear, I'm not looking for a 1:1 conversion of all features. GaiaBB has too many features, and it would be nice to rethink them thoroughly, such as click to edit posts, just one version of each feature (i.e. just quick reply / quote), and so on.

vanderaj - 9-19-2022 at 01:25 PM

An architecture that I think might work for a while longer is:

Laravel - PHP based, so we can re-use some code, but accessed via web services. This would be the same for all front end implementations

Vue, React, or Angular front end ...

- Reference implementation for XMB with theming
- MyBB, etc could modify the reference implementation to make it more like what they have today

I'm not wedded to any particular front end framework, as I'm not a front end dev. I'd prefer we had consensus on it, but I think a key attribute must be e2e test-ability.

Thoughts welcome. Obviously, we would need to go around to other forums and ask if they are interested.

lottos - 9-20-2022 at 12:06 AM

Being realistic:

- the mainstay xmb developer and maintainer has already signaled no further main releases so I reckon he's out
- doubtful any other forked projects devs would come at it
- some recent forum admins have promised much, delivered nix
- given the time that would be required, even getting 3 people on board would surprise