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PHP 7 End of Life Roadmap

miqrogroove - 2-12-2022 at 06:35 PM

PHP 7 is slated to discontinue security patches after November 2022.


To keep up with the changes, XMB 1.9.11 will also discontinue patches after this year.

XMB 1.9.12 will be checked for compatibility with the latest PHP 8.1 and patched as needed. Currently PHP 8.0 is supported and running here.

At this time, there is no realistic plan to update old code hacks to make them compatible with XMB 1.9.12. Even if the resources to do that were available, it would only continue an unsustainable addon project that needs to be modernized or entirely re-invented.

During or after 2022, I think we should start discussing an End of Life plan for XMB 1.