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what happened to XMB?

miroslavglavic - 12-22-2021 at 05:48 PM

I remember XMB MANY years ago in the ancient times. I loved it and the people.

I sold the domains I was using XMB in and took a big break from creating websites.

I was going through my old browser bookmarks that I haven't cleaned since Netspace was around. I use Firefox now a days by the way.

So...what happened to XMB? apparently either someone took it over and there was a disagreement or just a regular disagreement? This is a forked version or the "taken over" XMB?

I have used SMF, PHPBB and others but none are as good as I remember XMB.

So, without bringing the pitchforks and torches...what happened?

There is version, a post this year, right? So the project is active?

Terminal - 1-3-2022 at 01:11 AM

I have the same questiom as miroslavglavic. XMB was the best old times forums system. Nowadays seems a little outdated maybe?