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[New] themes :(

_alien - 12-31-2020 at 07:35 PM

Full Board URL: nooktown.com
XMB Version: 1.9.12

Guys! please add more themes & make them responsive, other than that every thing is awesome

bfgadmin - 1-9-2021 at 08:24 PM

Hello Nooktown!

I saw you had signed up on xmbhost.com. I'd like to ask how much you currently pay for hosting, and offer to host your forum & domain free of charge.

Love your site, and hope to see you stick around for awhile. We're actually working on modifications that convert a lot of the templates into mobile-friendly bootstrap. :)

_alien - 3-21-2021 at 03:13 AM

sorry for the late reply !
I'm paying like 1o bucks each and every month for hosting :(
Thanks for the offer... I'm planning to start a new forum, since my old forum is not that great
XMB always feels very nostalgic to me, love the styles

my suggestions !
1. please release bootstrap themes as soon as possible
2. make admin panel lil bit simplified