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XMB 1.9.12 Beta 2

miqrogroove - 9-24-2020 at 04:20 PM

We are on our way to the next version of XMB!

The second beta means we've already found and fixed most of the bugs. Now we are looking for any and all regressions. If you are brave, you might even try upgrading your production site. But we understand if you want to wait for the stable version too.

When you find bugs, they belong in here: https://bugs.xmbforum2.com/

Next, here is an overview of what happened since Beta 1.


All new regressions reported against Beta 1 were patched.

Administration Panel

Settings / User Control / Avatars and img Tags HTTPS Only

New feature, defaults to "Off", consistent with old behavior.

When set to "On" all avatars and all BBCode img tags must not start with http: or ftp: and the only allowed scheme is https:

All avatar URLs will be filtered on input and output. BBCode tags will be filtered on output, consistent with most other post tags.


5 strings added.

1 string modified.


5 templates modified. If you are updating from Beta 1, you will need to use the Restore All button or the upgrade script.

Progress From Beta 2

miqrogroove - 10-2-2020 at 10:31 PM

The second beta is going very well. Here is recap of testing results so far. All of these are resolved in the trunk version.

Bugs in New Features

#621 - Setting "Hide Banned Members" wasn't working on the member list.

Regressions in Old Features

#624 - CSS was only working with $comment_output set to false.
#625 - Expected temporary file conditions were causing fatal errors.
#626 - Img BBCode broken by new HTTPS Only setting.
#627 - Site mostly broken until upgrade was completed.

Bugs in 1.9.11

#623 - HTML validation of Quick Reply javascript.

More Progress From Beta 2

miqrogroove - 10-19-2020 at 07:30 PM

Here is recap of testing results so far. All of these are resolved in the trunk version.

Bugs in New Features

#633 - Quarantine Panel's Main Query Should Be Unconditional
#630 - Lost Password Screen Throws Expired Link Error if Logged In

Regressions in Old Features

#629 - Wrong Args for \XMB\Attach\getURL
#631 - Undefined variable: newparent in include/attach.inc.php
#632 - ArgumentCountError in XMB\SQL\getPostBody
#634 - After login, Last active time set to current time?
#635 - TypeError in XMB\Attach\getNewSubdir

Bugs in 1.9.8 SP2

#622 - Invalid Markup for Nested Quotes
#628 - Smilie Processing Inside of URLs
#636 - Bad Output From Attachments Panel