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XMB 1.9.12 Beta 1

miqrogroove - 9-18-2020 at 06:39 AM

It's time to start testing the next version of XMB!

Download it here: XMB-1.9.12-Beta-1.zip

The beta phase means we've progressed past accidentally dumping a 900 megabyte error log and trying to figure out how to read it. Now we are looking for bugs that should be obvious and manageable. Just don't try to replace your whole incredible forum and expect it to work perfectly.

When you find bugs, they belong in here: https://bugs.xmbforum2.com/

Next, here is a general introduction to what happened since

New files you'll see:


And some files you'll be missing:


You might have guessed this all means feature changes. :yes:

Administration Panel

Now let's go over some of the toys that need testing.

Settings / Modules / COPPA Compliancy Status

The COPPA feature has been completely re-designed. If you turn it on, new users will be asked their age instead of being bombarded by legal mumbo jumbo.

Settings / Cosmetic Options / Show moderator logs when viewing threads?

Now defaults to "Off" and can be switched in an instant.

Settings / Front Page Options / Code Language in Newsticker

I'm not sure anyone realized the Newsticker was fully HTML and BBcode enabled in older versions. Now you get a choice, and know what to expect. There's also this nice new category named Front Page Options to help with organization.

Settings / User Control / New User Quarantine

This is the BIG new switch. You turn this on, and you get god power over all new users. Their posts automatically divert into a whole separate set of tables where nobody can see them until a Super Moderator or admin approves them. This also catches anonymous posts, if those are enabled. Thirdly, this enforces "Optional fields on registration status" for members who haven't been approved yet. No more drive-by profile edits!

Settings / User Control / Hide Banned Members

You banned those bots for good reason. Why do they still live in your member list and stats? Click this on so they can't clutter your site.

Settings / Other / HTML in Sigs

This was a joke, right? This setting has been removed to help us all sleep at night.

Settings / Other / Default TimeZone

The time zone list has been somewhat updated to at least cover all of the existing time zones.

Settings / 3rd-Party Features / Use Google reCAPTCHA for Registration

Show those bots you're serious by registering an API key with Google. It's free. You copy and paste two things into the XMB settings, flip the switch On, click Submit, and you're done. Now the first step in registration is clicking around the little captcha challenge. Humans can get through. Bots tend to go away.

Forums / Forum Options / Allow HTML

This setting has been removed. It was never safe, and we have better ways to post custom content.


Well, they've changed. Have a look around. If you are including the CSS template on any customized pages, you'll need to stop doing that.


The English file was long overdue for updates and additions. Setting up a new branch of language files for 1.9.12 will be the next priority.

User Control Panel

Edit Profile / Subscribe to replies by default?

Save some clicks by having your subscription box ticked for you.


Forgot to logout from your friend's computer? Now you can delete your sessions from the server!


Trust This Device

Now when you log in, you have to check this box to save your session. And the description is much easier to read.