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a couple of questions

MRGTec - 2-7-2018 at 04:35 AM


I have about 4 questions on how to put stuff into my new XMB forums -

1. How do I show the post title in the main index file?
Like : Circled : in the attached file.

2. How do I change the logo from the XMB default logo for the forums to my own logo?

3. Is there any Twitter login's for XMB yet?

4. How do I migrate from a vBulletin 5 (VB5) forum product to this XMB forum product, like usernames, passwords, location data, posting data, etc.? I see there's a migration hack, in the hacks here.

Any help w/these 4 questions would be excellent!

Please help me.

Thank you,

title_of_post-mainforumindexpage.png - 3kB

lottos - 2-7-2018 at 10:03 PM

1. the portal hack listed here:
may fit your requirements

2. Administration Panel -> Themes -> Board Logo URL

3. No

4. Migration tools are unlikely to work, if they exist at all.

MRGTec - 2-9-2018 at 06:19 AM

Hi, Again,

Thank you for the information.

1. I will look, I have some hacks/mods already installed on my website forums.

2. I got it.

3. :( . that's not good!

4. :( , even migration on user data?

1 more question : Where should I put my MetaTag Keywords & Description on/for my forums board?

Thank you,

lottos - 2-9-2018 at 10:29 AM

4. You could use mysql [or even easier if you have phpmyadmin] to export specific columns such as username, password etc. from the vBulletin users table, then import them into the xmb_users table. I'm not familiar with their user password type so this could be an issue. Exporting could also work to a certain extent for other tables data too. How many members do you have? It would be relatively easy to do a test export of one user first and then try to login with that users details on your xmb forum.

5. Good question... I thought xmb had this functionality but I can't find it [again / yet].