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MyBB to XMB?

Mommadragon - 9-21-2017 at 05:12 AM

I'm trying to find different forum software..took a look at this place on a whim. Nice to see some activity, I had checked this out oh...a while back when it died out. So had been discouraged from using it then.

I can't stand the majority of the forum software and the communities. It is extremely hard to get support when you're a newb. :frog:

I had settled with MyBB because it was simple, but buggy and it has bugs that you can't get help with because the community/developers whatever just aren't helpful.

I'm old school, so I like the cleanliness of XMB. I liked Xenforo because of 'some' of the ad ons but agree it does boggle things down and when you have slow internet that is a no go.

The few users I have prefer simple too - so sometimes the fancier stuff just confuses them.

Anyway, so I am using MyBB right now and I would like to switch over to this if there are going to be some active developments with it..

How would I be able to do that? Does there have/need to be a converter? And if so could someone possibly make it? :love:

I have no idea what I'm doing, coding and all that jazz is not my friend. I usually just figure it out on the fly if I'm lucky. Sometimes I'm not.:lol::lol:

lottos - 9-21-2017 at 05:15 AM

Hi, there is no converter unfortunately.

It may be possible to convert the database tables to work, but unsure that would work as a solution.

As you said you have few users, another option may be to simply have your old mybb forum as an archived forum and start a new one with xmb. On the other hand, mybb does have more of a support base.

Scarlet - 9-21-2017 at 06:07 AM

Yeah, archiving and starting over would be the best option.

I absolutely do appreciate the fact XMB is simplistic and lightweight yet manages to maintain most of the general features a forum needs. In fact, MyBB was originally a fork of XMB! :D

Anyway hey, welcome to the XMB club, hope you have a nice time - we're generally a really friendly bunch so the support issues you've faced with other forums won't apply here :)

Mommadragon - 9-23-2017 at 10:27 PM

It does have more of a support base but actually getting the help from that support base is very troublesome - almost as if they don't have one at all and through my experience through the years a bit rude too. So it is discouraging really.

As for archiving and starting over I considered that but I don't want to scare anyone off and make things complicated, because getting them to signup in the first place took them a bit too. So I'd rather find a way to convert/port/merge so the users don't have to resign up and have to repost their posts. So I'll just wait and hope, and see as this gets revived if someone might be able to do that.

It is a roleplaying forum so for the members to have to move their content and start over is discouraging. So I'll wait and if not well, oh well I'll go a different route.

Jenny Lee - 9-25-2017 at 06:40 PM

MyBB is lightweight enough, and it's not bloated as other forum software. I don't really see a reason for you to go trough the hard work just to have a different forum engine. MyBB community is huge and active therefore security patches are being released constantly, while XMB is still pretty much dead. Ask yourself, is it really worth porting it to XMB? What XMB has that MyBB don't? If you still feel like doing it, you can count on our help, but such converter does not exist as far as I know, so it would be hella lot of work to do.