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What would you like to see in XMB 2.0?

Scarlet - 9-16-2017 at 08:37 PM

What would you want to see in XMB 2.0? Feel free to share your suggestions as to what you would add or remove here.

* More theme flexibility: give extra CSS classes and such for things in order to allow more customisation of themes.

* Plugin system: instead of having hacks for code making it harder to upgrade, have plugin buckets/hooks. This would make it a lot easier to upgrade and develop hacks for XMB, in my opinion, and would save a lot of time for users.

* User comment system: For quick conversation that doesn't really belong in a U2U. Maybe this could be a plugin or something, I'm not sure, though.

* The same classic XMB layout: instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, keep the forum layout the same as it is to keep me happy and using XMB, because these modern forum layouts are annoyingly confusing and bloated while XMB remains extremely simple, and my forum's users really like that fact.

* Forum migration and importing: At least conversions from phpBB, MyBB, SMF, and ElkArte would be sufficient enough for me and probably many other forums users. Migrating from vBulletin 3, 4 and 5 would also be helpful, as well as IPB.

* Mobile mode: this could be done through the extended CSS classes that should be added and done responsively or coded entirely for mobile - on the mobile mode, the web-app-enabled head tags are enabled meaning you can save the site to your home screen and it opens in a browser.

* IMGS BBCode tag and Highlight.js source BBCode tag that allows for automatic resizing of images (similar to img=widthxheight in XMB 1.9.11) and syntax highlighting in code snippets to more easily identify what is what.

* Flexible permissions system: This would allow or deny for specific users and groups the permissions for things, similar to some other forum packages. It should work a bit like MyBB's does as a matter of fact. Custom or secondary user groups should also be assignable and makable in the admin panel.

* Moderator control panel. This can handle reports, IP logs, and such things for moderators, as well as report the latest threads from the staff boardroom forum (if there is one).

I'd think of other things but it's getting late. :P

Magnumxe - 9-20-2020 at 12:31 AM

Three years later this post, is there going to be a 2.0?

I have a wish list:

* ability to Revive Adserver code in headers, footers, and/or posts
* Posting links to preview the site of the link