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ABXD Theme for XMB

Scarlet - 9-15-2017 at 10:05 PM

A new theme I have made (well, ported): the classic AcmlmBoard XD theme, also was the original theme used by Acmlm's Board II (acmlm.kafuka.org). Graphics are from VistaBlue theme and the ABXD Classic theme.

Screen Shots:

ZLZo.png - 64kB
r391.png - 131kB
QADE.png - 157kB


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Xian - 9-16-2017 at 05:03 AM

Nice theme! Just installed it on my dev server running 1.9.12 BETA.

lottos - 9-16-2017 at 07:18 AM

Looks great Scarlet - even better seeing it on your forum rather than the screenshots!

Scarlet - 9-16-2017 at 07:34 AM

Aww, thanks you two for the kind words. :3

flushedpancake - 4-4-2024 at 03:34 AM

Can't believe it's been almost seven years since I originally did this port. If I remember right it also doesn't look too shabby either considering it's old work of mine, either.