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Multi-Vote Polls

DixieKongJD - 2-14-2016 at 06:44 PM

I'm not sure if I am overlooking anything, but why can't we have more than one vote in a poll?

I have a thread titled 'What internet browsers do you use' and it's somewhat pointless having a poll if someone uses more than one browser on a regular basis, they can't vote again.

Anyone up to do this? :D

lottos - 2-15-2016 at 08:31 PM

Most forum providers only allow one vote.

To overcome the limitation, forum posters would usually cover choices by for example:

1. IE
2. FF
3. Chrome
4. Opera
5. IE and FF
6. IE and Chrome
etc etc.

DixieKongJD - 2-16-2016 at 12:03 PM

Never thought of that even though it seems obvious I more or less wanted to include lesser known browsers like Pale Moon in the poll.

A forum package known as AcmlmBoard XD had the multi-vote feature along with custom styling of the post box which could be done using CSS, and it was very secure, but nothing else was redeeming about it (and development has stopped since May 2014).

Thanks for the tip though (and of course XMB) :)

lottos - 2-16-2016 at 10:45 PM

Seems this may be the board you mentioned, the posting script is linked below. You may be able to get ideas from it and incorporate them into a multi-vote poll for the xmb scripts you use.


Scarlet - 9-18-2017 at 06:53 AM

This wouldn't be a bad idea for XMB 1.9.12 beta or as a standalone hack, actually. MyBB, phpBB, SMF, etc. all have it, so why not XMB? :P

I'd like to see it incorporated in the software or as a hack some time, would make some polls a lot easier to make options for, especially ones with a myriad of choices like music genres and such :P