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help To Beta test new forum directory

Phil1ooo - 4-28-2013 at 06:58 PM

Hi all

We have finally finished our forum directory which only allows listing of forums.

help us beta test it by placing your forum there and letting us know what you think. It's free.

You will need to register but that's only so that you have a control panel to add more forums or to edit old ones at a later date.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Phil1ooo - 4-29-2013 at 11:40 AM

Seems I forgot to leave the URL www.directory.ozyforums.com.au

Sorry about that.

Phil1ooo - 5-6-2013 at 11:54 PM

Just an update.

This Directory is more than just a simple directory like most others.
If offers the ability to upload 3 images, add your address for Google Maps (option only - Not mandatory ), displays up to 600 characters using the free option and up to 1200 characters using the paid option, shows backlinks amount, number of pages indexed, RSS feeds, Hits, other users can comment, choice of keywords amount depend on plan level (free is 3 keywords).

Plus users can contact you through our contact panel, leave a comment, report an issue and rate your ad.

Paid options are levelled from 1 to 10th position ( 1st being the top level).

We are in the process of creating an API which will also list the paid options as sponsored ads in our search engine.

NOTE; for those who are not aware we also offer sponsored ads at www.ozyadvertising.com.au which offers text/banner ads (if you use Google Adwords you will understand how this works). We are offering a $500.00 credit to new registrations at the moment and ads are currently seen on around 12 thousand websites and this keeps growing all the time (if you use Google's AdSense you will also know how this works) Yes you can earn an income from having ads displayed on your website.

So as you can see you are offered 2 FREE options of advertising your website which you should take advantage of.


Phil1ooo - 6-6-2013 at 06:13 AM

The Forum Directory is has had chances made to improve the front end display.

It now show for each ad an images, details and heading along with link to a more detailed description.

You can add your forum for free, change details anytime, add up to 3 images and use up to 600 characters to describe your forum.

This directory is starting to get visitors ads are being clicked on daily so if you own a forum list it here.

Keep in mind that Paid listings are listed above all free listings.

Payments are a one time fee for higher positions.