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[XMB 1.9.11] Minimum Posts Needed v3.1

Mouser - 9-23-2012 at 10:02 AM

This hack I couldn't find. So thought I'd add it. Perhaps there is a newer version in SVN, but I don't know. Have no SVN client installed to check.

Modification Name: Minimal Posts Needed

Version: 3.1

Description: This will will add three options to your Forum Options.
There you can set a minimal postcount that's needed to :
- create new threads in a forum,
- create replies to threads in a forum,
- enter a forum and view its threads.
It will also add a 'block' at the top of the threadlist and thread mentioning the amount of posts needed, if there are any needed.
These limitations do not count for (Super) Administrators.

Compatibilty: XMB 1.9.11 Only

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