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XMB Patch #13

miqrogroove - 2-4-2012 at 10:41 PM

XMB1 -

Official 1.9.11 patch build #13 released to fix a variety of minor bugs.

- 0000412 cp.php action=deleteposts Stats Consistency
- 0000454 Rare but persistent errors in post.php
- 0000469 Does PHP Automatically Delete Temp Files or Not
- 0000470 Prune Stats Consistency
- 0000471 Required Attribute cols Not Specified - Quick Reply
- 0000472 Reply links shouldn't contain fid
- 0000473 Database Links Might Not Be Reusable
- 0000475 PHP user_agent Should Be Reset
- 0000477 Remote Images Should Avoid Code Blocks
- 0000480 Typo in functions_bbcodeinsert
- 0000481 Need to Truncate Long MySQL Errors
- 0000482 Google wants rel= next and rel= prev
- 0000483 Don't Insert Quote Codes With BBCode Disabled
- 0000484 Subjects Need Word Wrapping Too
- 0000486 The set of non-printing chars should include consecutive spaces
- 0000487 CAPTCHA Errors Not Displayed in Settings Panel

Bug Source: Various

Symptoms: MySQL errors regarding long queries, forum stats inconsistent after using "Delete Posts" or the "Prune" administrative features, images magically showing up when posting a code block, CAPTCHA appears to be enabled in settings even though it is not working, the quote button works badly with BBCode disabled.

Security Impact: None.

Fixed By: XMB- and later are not affected.

Patch: Attachment: XMB-1.9.11-r2604-r2664.diff (40kB)
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